Business Introduction

Naturally Plus has 100% confidence in our products.

Human Network System

Naturally Plus has applied the “human network system” to expand our business. This simply means that our products are sold by word of mouth. This is also a direct selling strategy in which a member’s experience is used to invite others to purchase products from the company directly. This is a fast, convenient, and cost-effective marketing strategy and the use of this strategy has helped us to achieve our goals.

Naturally Plus has done well not only within Japan but we’ve also succeeded in expanding our business globally. Our vision is to share good quality products with people all over the world. This vision is also shared by our members, and both our members and ourselves are committed to achieving this goal.

“To introduce good products and to share the beneficial experiences gained from these products with people important to you”. Every Naturally Plus member seeks to deliver this message to people within Japan and all other parts of the world. Face-to-face communication, which is a form of direct communication, is the most important bond between us and our members.

The user-support is employed to distribute Naturally Plus’s own system.

Word-of-mouth and Direct Selling System (direct transactions) ideally integrated

Distributes Naturally Plus’s products by world-of-mouth and direct selling (direct trasaction are integrated. Direct selling means that the company sells it’s products directly to customers who become members of Naturally Plus. Naturally Plus fulfills all conditions of being speedy, simple, affordable, effectively and mutually helpful.

Bonus points calculation is based on your own purchase situation and introduction results. The bonus is based on your acculated bonus points.