Asia Business Centre “Hong Kong”

Our Strategy: To establish oversea expansion from Hong Kong

in November, 2006, “FESTA 2006 ” was hold in Yokohama ARENA, Naturally Plus Japan announced the "Oversea Expansion Project".

The project main idea is using the commended product "IZUMIO" and urges with product sales using method of "The Parallel Binary System". As sales number grows, Naturally Plus also announced the establishment of "Millionaire Club" to award the great honour of achieved members.

Following by these strategies, the success established the epoch-making product and powerful business system. Naturally Plus is confident looking forward for next market challenge.

FESTA 2006 at Yokohoma ARENA in Japan

Hong Kong: Rank Among the Best Business Centre in Asia

Since 2006, from assistance of international organisation providing statistics of market review of various countries, Naturally Plus had chosen 120 counties as for the most possible countires for business development. This is by cocern and evaluation of local E-commerce development, social security, and legal surface as standard. Finally Japan Naturally Plus had come up with decision of focus in Asia

In addition to that, also follows Taiwan Naturally Plus steady sales growth. By carried discussion from various angle, had decided the next foothold:

"One of the Best Business Country, Hong Kong"

As Expansion Foothold to Asia

Hong Kong is Chinese special administrative region, which is also a trading location since ancient times. Simultaneously , Hong Kong is internationalised in business. A lot of international enterprises came establish the foothold in Hong Kong.

Naturally Plus determine Hong Kong as oversea expansion foothold is because Hong Kong is certainly the most appropriate location as for business basis.

An internationalised city with abundant of global business opportunities.