Business Activities of Naturally Plus Members

The business of Naturally Plus is "Direct Selling".
Before starting business, please ensure that you have acquired a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations contained in Naturally Plus and government legislations relevant to direct selling.

Are you complying with the local legislation relevant to Direct Selling?

When engaging in Naturally Plus' business, members are required to observe the laws of the Hong Kong SAR. The legislation to prohibit pyramid selling in Hong Kong is the Pyramid Selling Prohibition Ordinance (Cap 355). In Hong Kong, health food is not defined in law. Health food products, depending on their ingredients, are regulated under 4 different ordinances. These are the Public Health and Municipal Ordinance (Cap 132), the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Cap 138), the Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap 549) and the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance (Cap 231). These legislations are made for the purpose of securing the quality, validity and safety of medicines/drugs. Misrepresentations or improper promotions, likely to deceive the public are strictly prohibited.