Most frequently asked questions:

What’s discounted purchase?
Your repeat purchase will be delivered to you on C.O.D. when the direct debit is failed. In the following month, the direct debit will be automatically placed on again. Please make sure that you are aware of your credit card information for repeat purchases, however, any failure of direct debit you will be contacted by our management team.
What are the requirements for being a member of "Naturally Plus"?
At least be the age of 18, and a holder of Hong Kong ID card. For more details, please read the membership operation manual.
Can I apply a registered company in Hong Kong as a member of "Naturally Plus"?
Yes. Please provide a copy of Hong Kong company registration.
Can I make any alteration in the membership by phone calls?
To avoid any misunderstanding for process, please make any alteration of membership by fax or hand the forms in the customer service.
How long does it take normally for the delivery of discounted purchase and miscellaneous products?
It normally takes 5 – 7 working days.