Rejuvenate yourself

Rejuvenating the skin that has faced the ravages of accumulated time to a youthful and radiant appearance.
[AURAGE] focuses on the kind of ageing damage※2 that gradually spreads into deep layers※1 of skin.
This ageing-care※3 aims to bring out definite beauty by protecting the core of beauty from the damage.
The combination of carefully picked beneficial plants and chemical technologies will penetrate deep into the epidermal layer.
This allows the skin to retain a radiant feel of vitality and starts you on a journey to the beauty of a youthful appearance.

  • ※1 Epidermal layer
  • ※2 Age related damage
  • ※3 Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age

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AURAGE  Cleansing Plus [make-up remover and cleanser]

Cleansing Plus
[Make-up Remover and Cleanser]

Removes make-up and impurities for a clear skin, leaving your skin moistured and smooth.


AURAGE  Rich Formula [toner and moisturiser]

Rich Formula
[Toner and Moisturiser]

Towards a lustrous and supple skin with dual toner and moisturiser effect. Moisturising every inch of your skin with the rich formulation.


AURAGE  Gracious Cream [cream]

Gracious Cream

Gentle affinity that seals in luxurious moisture for a glowing and lustrous appearance.


AURAGE  UV Makeup Base Cream [daytime protector and make-up base]

UV Makeup Base Cream
[Sunscreen and Make-up Base]

Strong UV protecting strength with high moisturising capability. A total day-time protection from sun damage while performing beauty care.

30g SPF50+ PA+++