Dietary fiber is regarded as the sixth nutrient, and is essential to the maintenance of good health. However, hectic modern lifestyles may make it difficult to consume nutritionally-balanced and fiber-rich meals, let alone a balanced variety of quality dietary fiber.
Dietary fiber aids the digestive system. The new and improved PURIFICAR now boasts the unique S-FIBER blend of 5 kinds of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, designed to provide a balanced mix of supplementary fiber to your diet. What's more, PURIFICAR comes packed with 3 other health-promotion ingredients--xylo-oligosaccharides, enzyme complex, and camu camu extract.
Supplementing your diet with PURIFICAR is so easy. Say hello to burden-free days!


Purificar Flavours

Purificar Original Flavour

Original Flavor

The golden combination of dietary fiber

123g (6.15g x 20 sachets)

Purificar Apple Flavour

Apple Flavor

The golden combination of dietary fiber

134.80g (6.74g x 20 sachets)



Purificar BB Fiber Blend with Calcium Food Supplement Liquid

1 carton (20 ml x 30 sachets)