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Naturally Plus is a global healthcare company with a vision to promote wellness and healthy living worldwide. We are committed to the wellbeing of our consumers by providing health and skincare products that meet high safety and quality standards.



IMPORTANT NOTICE : Rules when purchasing Naturally Plus products in overseas

NEWS 2015.09.01 September Promotion 2015

September Promotion 2015

NEWS 2015.09.01 Southeast Asia Leadership Invitational (SEA LI)

Members who achieve the conditions stipulated below within the period from September 2015 to August 2016 will be eligible to participate in the Southeast Asia Leadership Invitational (SEA LI) held in 2016.

NEWS 2015.09.01 SEA Voyage Dubai Campaign: Earn a free tour to Dubai!

Achieve your goals and share your happiness with Naturally Plus Southeast Asia members!

NEWS 2015.08.28 Hydrogen Water for Health Seminar

Hydrogen Water for Health Seminar by Mr Fumiaki OHTA

NEWS 2015.08.28 [YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2015 Badminton Tournament] Sponsorship Announcement

Naturally Plus is proud to announce our sponsorship of [YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2015 Badminton Tournament], which will take place from 8 September to 13 September 2015 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Shibuya Tokyo.

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