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NaturallyPlus is a global healthcare company with a vision to promote wellness and healthy living worldwide. We are committed to the wellbeing of our consumers by providing health and skincare products that meet high safety and quality standards.


NEWS 2017.07.06 The opening of Naturally Plus Vietnam – Hanoi Salon

The Naturally Plus – Hanoi Salon will officially open on August 6th.

NEWS 2017.06.28 Relocation of Naturally Plus Taiwan - Tainan Salon

Naturally Plus Tainan Salon will reopen for business at a new location from July 5 (Wednesday) onwards.

NEWS 2017.06.27 System Maintenance on 6th July 2017 (Thu)

The upcoming System Maintenance is scheduled for 6th July 2017 (Thu) and will affect all countries.

NEWS 2017.06.16 Relocating of Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Co., Limited

Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Co. Limited will be relocating to the 20th floor of the same building (China Hong Kong City Tower 1), from 26 June (Monday) onwards. We will be operating as usual in the current location until 22 June (Thursday) 3p.m.

NEWS 2017.04.11 Grand Opening: Naturally Plus Malaysia – Ipoh Salon

Naturally Plus Malaysia will upgrade its Pick-Up Centre in Ipoh to a branch Salon on 16 April 2017 (Sunday).

NEWS 2017.03.27 System Maintenance on 30th Mar 2017 (Thu)

The upcoming System Maintenance is scheduled for 30th Mar 2017 (Thu) , and will affect Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, NPGL, and NPUSA.

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