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Naturally Plus is a global healthcare company with a vision to promote wellness and healthy living worldwide. We are committed to the wellbeing of our consumers by providing health and skincare products that meet high safety and quality standards.


NEWS 2014.10.29 NPUSA has officially launched in the United States!

We had an exhilarating Opening Ceremony event this past weekend and wish to thank everyone who made the sacrifice and effort to attend this unique and thrilling event!

NEWS 2014.10.24 NDT Seminar by Iyama Tomoyuki

Information on the 31 October seminar by Iyama Tomoyuki

NEWS 2014.10.24 IM, SLM & AND Educational Product Seminar by Iyama Tomoyuki

Information on the 1 November seminar by Iyama Tomoyuki

NEWS 2014.10.16 【RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT】 2nd 『NATURALLY PLUS No. 1 Grand Prix』 Final Ranking

The results of the 2nd 『NATURALLY PLUS No.1 Grand Prix』are out! Who will be the World No. 1 Distributor of Naturally Plus?

NEWS 2014.10.16 Naturally Plus Japan Awarded Company of the Year 2014

We are very proud to announce that Naturally Plus Japan will be receiving the Company of the Year award at the third Network Business Awards during the Direct Marketing Fair 2014 organised by Success Marketing Co., Ltd.*

NEWS 2014.10.04 IZUMIO leads the industry with hydrogen dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm!

With improvements to filling technology, Naturally Plus has successfully upped the hydrogen dissolution ratio in IZUMIO from 2.0ppm to 2.6ppm.

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