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2013 Go Go FESTA Campaign

Held every year in a grand stadium venue in Japan, FESTA is a prestigious ticketed extravaganza open to both members and non-members of Naturally Plus, featuring exclusive celebrity performances and keynote speakers. The event also celebrates the achievements of Naturally Plus members from all over the world and pays tribute to their commendable spirit of teamwork and leadership. Witness the spirit of the global Naturally Plus community and be inspired to realize your dreams!

Participate in the special Go Go FESTA campaign for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid Japan tour in addition to coveted FESTA tickets!

Campaign Period: 1st March (Fri) – 31st August 2013 (Sat)

Go Go FESTA Campaign Conditions

  • Accumulate 1,500 points within any point calculation period during the campaign to receive 1 free ticket for the FESTA 2013 tour.
  • There are altogether 4 point calculation periods, defined as [Mar-Apr-May], [Apr-May-Jun], [May-Jun-Jul], and [Jun-Jul-Aug].

Point Allocation

New Registrations: When you directly sponsor a new member (BC001 only) who purchases a Starter-Pack Plan, you will receive points according to the type of Starter-Pack Plan purchased. Your direct sponsor will also receive half of the points allocated to you.
* NPGL members can sponsor new members who register at Naturally Plus HongKong, NPGL, or Naturally Plus Taiwan. Please refer to the downloadable PDF campaign circular for the detailed point chart.

Start-up Bonus Achievement: Point allocation for Start-up Bonus achievers will be based on the conditions of the ongoing Naturally Plus No. 1 Grand Prix.

Please also take note of the following:

If the same BC position accumulates 1,500 points within Mar-May, and then another 1,500 points within Jun-Aug, he/she will receive 2 free tickets in all.

If the same BC position accumulates 1,500 points within Mar-May, and 1,500 points within May-Jul, he/she will only receive 1 free ticket because the effective points accumulated within one point calculation period cannot be used again for another point calculation period.

For details, please download a copy of the PDF campaign circular here.