Specially designed
for intestinal

Amazing Scientific Breakthrough

Rejuvenate your digestive system and feel the difference

PARAMYLON ARX is the result of an epoch-making scientific breakthrough. Its name comes from the main ingredient, paramylon, which is extracted from euglena; a species so unique that NASA spent more than 20 years trying to mass-cultivate it but did not succeed. Then, in 2005, a group of young scientists at the University of Tokyo succeeded in the mass cultivation of euglena for the first time in history. Not only does PARAMYLON ARX help clean the digestive system, the euglena extract provides an excellent balance of nutrition to the body. These synergestic benefits have led to an outstanding sales record for PARAMYLON ARX in Japan.

Throughout our lives, many people fail to recognize an important fact: all of the nutrition the body needs enters through the intestines. In fact, everything we eat has an effect on HOW, WHEN and IF the nutrients are absorbed properly and put to work where they’re needed. That’s right, intestinal health is the key to overall wellbeing. It’s of vital importance to keep your digestive system healthy.

One-and-only formula with multiple merits

This one-and-only formula is truly unique as it both cleanses the digestive system and promotes the growth of good bacteria. Its unique ingredients generate synergistic effects that rejuvenate the digestive system and support the immune system.

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