Synergistic Effect

Specially designed added value – That extra “+” from which Naturally Plus gets its name

Manufactured in Japan, every Naturally Plus product is scientifically designed for a special purpose. They’re carefully conceived and developed by skillful artisans, each a masterpiece prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (craftsmanship) and “wa” (harmony): characteristics clearly reflected in the way that SUPER LUTEIN ingredients work harmoniously with the body to maintain eye health and overall wellbeing.
The main ingredients in SUPER LUTEIN originate from raw materials of the highest quality. They are processed and packaged in facilities that are ISO certified and compliant with the good manufacturing practice (GMP) health supplement regulations.


Research has proven that many diseases affecting us today are caused by oxidation. This is because our bodies lack a sufficient level of antioxidants to prevent the excessive oxygen taken in from attacking cells, which in turn, generates a potentially damaging byproduct called free radicals.
SUPER LUTEIN provides nutrition to the body’s protective mechanisms and immune system, which work to neutralize free radicals and thus suppress oxidation. So not only does it help protect your eyes, it also promotes overall wellbeing.
Imagine how many supplements you need to equal what you can get from SUPER LUTEIN. We have it all in this special formula: a formula so unique that its synergistic effects set SUPER LUTEIN apart from similar products in the market.

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