Q: Do all products in the LUTE range contain lutein※?

A: Like S.LUTEIN, the entire LUTE range contains FloraGLO™ lutein supplied by Kemin Industries, Inc. of USA.
※ Xanthophyll(protection ingredient)

Q: Why is lutein not indicated on the ingredient list?

A: Health supplements and beauty products follow different ingredient listing formats. The ingredients of the LUTE series are indicated according to the format applicable to beauty products. Lutein is listed as xanthophyll.

Q: Is LUTE suitable for the whole family?

A: From the young to the elderly, everyone in the family can use LUTE products. However, please store the products in an area where they are out of reach of children.

Q: Can LUTE products be used on sensitive skin?

A: The patch test※ (a test for allergic reactions on the skin) has been carried out with the LUTE series. However, should you experience any discomfort while using the products, please discontinue use.
※ This does not guarantee that all users will not experience irritation.

Q: Is it better to wash my hair twice with the LUTE Hair Purifier?

A: Washing your hair once is enough to thoroughly remove dirt from your hair. However, those who use hair-styling products or perspire easily are recommended to wash twice.

Q: I’ve poured out too much product. Is it OK to pour the excess back into the container?

A: For reasons of hygiene, you are not advised to do so.

Q: Are the Hair Purifier and Hair Mask designed specifically for a particular hair type?

A: No, the Hair Purifier and Hair Mask are suitable for all hair types, including thin and/or damaged hair.

Q: The product has gotten into my eyes and it stings.

A: Avoid rubbing your eyes. Immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of cool or warm clean water. Should any discomfort remain, please seek help from a doctor.