LUTE - Overview


Unlock the natural beauty

Unlock the natural beauty of your hair and skin through intelligent beauty.
Formulated with skin and hair care ingredients lutein※1 from African marigold, and AC-11※2 from cat’s claw vine, LUTE restores health and beauty to skin and hair, giving you reassurance as you age.

The LUTE range includes the Hair Purifier and Hair Mask—shampoo and treatment for conditioning the scalp to make way for beautiful hair. It also includes the Body Soap and Body Bar, which protect and condition the skin.
LUTE does not only reveal beauty. It turns beauty into confidence.

※1 Lutein: Xanthophyll (Hair-, scalp- and skin-protecting ingredient)
※2 AC-11: derived from Uncaria tomentosa, or cat's claw vine (Skin- and hair-conditioning ingredient)

Intelligent beauty for graceful inner and outer vibrance

Beauty is, for many people, an ideal to be desired. But what happens when you examine beauty more deeply, and understand what it means and where it comes from? Beauty is about health – skin and hair that’s nourished from deep within. Beauty is about wisdom and discernment – knowing what you’re putting on your skin, and why.

We know that true beauty is all that and more; that’s why we’ve formulated the LUTE range that represents intelligent beauty.
Intelligent beauty is the ideal pairing of nature and science, drawing on the raw power of unique natural ingredients and combining them with precisely-balanced lab-created material that comes from years of painstaking human research.

Intelligent beauty is deliberately designed, empowering you to know and understand the concepts and ingredients behind it.

Intelligent beauty gives you reassurance as you age, fortifying your skin and hair against the natural process of aging through a wealth of knowledge about what keeps your skin and hair youthful and vibrant.

Intelligent beauty is also about fulfilling the LUTE Promise: skin, hair and body care that's low-irritation, and free of substances such as silicon, mineral oils, artificial coloring and parabens, so that what you're using is good for you, inside and out.

LUTE is a work of art; its creation, an art form. Indulge yourself in the rich, uplifting LUTE experience – your own exclusive, everyday luxury.