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The Discovery of Hydrogen

Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 by the English scientist Henry Cavendish. However, it was first named “hydrogene” (in French, meaning that which produces water) by the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier only in 1779.

Hydrogen is the smallest and simplest element in the universe. It is thought that all the elements, even those whose atomic numbers are greater than 100, were also formed from hydrogen during the big bang which created the universe.

Hydrogen is contained in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other nutrients that we eat every day. Morever, part of our intake of hydrogen from food is discharged from our bodies when we exhale and pass gas. As such, hydrogen is a very familiar element in our lives.

Moreover, Water molecules are formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. When a large amount of energy is applied, it is possible to obtain hydrogen gas from water. During the chemical process of electrolysis, electrical energy is applied to water, resulting in the formation of oxygen gas at the anode, and hydrogen gas at the cathode.

3 big reasons why hydrogenized water is the focus of much attention


As we age, our bodies’ redox potential increases and tends towards oxidation. The occurrence of oxidation puts stress on the body. More and more people are concerned about this phenomenon in recent years.

Redox potentials of common liquids

The measure of the power of a substance to oxidise or reduce is its redox potential. The more positive the redox potential, the stronger the oxidising power; the more negative the redox potential, the stronger the reducing power of a substance. Tap water and most of our common beverages such as coffee have positive redox potentials. The redox potential of IZUMIO is negative.

The hydrogen boom

Water containing large amounts of hydrogen is called hydrogenized/hydrogenated water. Drinking hydrogenized/hydrogenated water on a daily basis helps to replenish fluids and contributes to healthy ageing.

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Hydrogen Atom
Henry Cavendish and Antoine Lavoisier
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