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The Preferred Choice - IZUMIO Hydrogenised Drinking Water

With IZUMIO, you’ll always be a step ahead. A product of improved manufacturing technology, IZUMIO now boasts an even higher hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3ppm※1 that puts it at the top of the industry. IZUMIO gives you more. With more than 300 million units※2 sold to date, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust.

IZUMIO is the No. 1※3 bestselling product in the hydrogenated water market in Japan

With more than 300 million units※2 distributed since its launch in 2007, IZUMIO is a brand of hydrogenised water product widely consumed by many satisfied customers.

IZUMIO boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3ppm※1

IZUMIO now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of IZUMIO is now among the highest in the industry. (Acquired patent for manufacturing method in 2016)

The redox potential of IZUMIO is between -570 to -700mV※4

The redox potential of IZUMIO is negative, which means that IZUMIO has reducing power.

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※1 Average reading at point of filling.
※2 As of August 2021.
※3 Based on hydrogenised water market in Japan (excluding generation equipment and supplement): No. 1 Brand by Sales Amount, 2010 – 2020. (Market share estimated from available public data and fieldwork interviews by Ipsos Japan, August 2021).
※4 At point of shipping.

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