Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

We cherish this membership-based distribution channel for the purpose of exclusively sharing with those who truly understand the value of our products and entrepreneurial platform.

Message from the President

To create encounters and opportunities, from which arise friendships, joy, and smiles that spread all over the world—that is the hope of Naturally Plus, as well as my mission.

Corporate Profile

Renowned for its rapid and integrated growth, Naturally Plus now stands as a legendary figure in the domestic health and wellbeing industry of Japan.


Naturally Plus is a Japan-originated Direct Selling Company. Our identity accents our goal of sharing Japan’s universal wit on health care.

Business Introduction

Rich in its simplicity, the business opportunity Naturally Plus provides is very easy to understand, requiring extremely minimum investment in terms of money and time.

Public Relations

In line with our rapid global expansion, Naturally Plus aims to establish a stronger international presence in the marketplace.


With more partners joining us everyday, we are poised for further development in the global arena. Come and share your dream with us!