Business Introduction

We have 100% confidence in our products.
Naturally Plus is proud to share our quality products with the world and do our utmost to serve all our supporters and consumers.

Our winning system: ideal and unique integration of word-of-mouth marketing and direct selling

At Naturally Plus, our products are promoted and distributed through word of mouth marketing and personal contact within our members' social networks. This mode of outreach is ideally combined with the business model of direct selling. Direct selling refers to the sale of products by the company to the customer (who first becomes a member), where transactions take place directly between the customer and the company. Our uniquely integrated system fulfills the company's valued goals of being swift, simple, affordable, and mutually beneficial.

We have achieved outstanding industry performance, and are steadily growing our business on the global scale. Now, Naturally Plus membership and products are available to residents in more than 150 countries/regions all over the world. This signifies the wide acceptance and popularity achieved by our business system and products.

* Bonus point allocation is based on a member’s own purchase status and Sponsorship Performance. Bonus payment is, in turn, based on his or her accumulated bonus points. For more details, please refer to our Member’s Manual.