A world of amazing
opportunities awaits.

Earn stable income working the way you like… anytime, anywhere

At Naturally Plus, we’re in the business of changing peoples’ lives for the better, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone we meet, and in doing so, creating long-lasting relationships based on the integrity of the company, its products and all members involved.

A key to our ongoing success is one of the most stable compensation plans in the direct-selling industry. Add to that, no need to purchase inventory, no advertising costs, no middlemen, no employees… Get the picture? Besides that, you’ll be able to win true financial freedom by working whenever, wherever you want. Just register, purchase our outstanding products, share them with family, friends and colleagues, and get rewarded. It’s really that simple and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation, where you’ve got everything to gain: healthier lives for you, your family and friends, time and freedom to do what you want, and the ability to subsidize your income to a level of your choice.

There’s no time better than the present. We recently launched this website, which makes it possible to sponsor people living in more than 150 countries and regions around the globe. The world awaits. There are neither boundaries to hold you back nor limits to what you can earn.

So come along, join us, spread the word about Naturally Plus products and share in the excitement of helping people change their lives for the better while simultaneously growing your business. You too will have reason to be smiling every day!


For a Life of Good Health & Personal Wealth

Naturally Plus offers one of the most stable compensation plans in the direct-selling industry. Committed to upholding company, product and member integrity, this business opportunity is so unique, so safe and so caring we’re confident that you’ll only benefit, and here’s why:
- Only buy what you want to use
- Only $180 to start (product price: $130 + registration fee: $50)
- No inventory stocking or warehousing required
- No monthly quotas to fill
- No middlemen (exchanging of money between distributors)
- Direct shipping from Naturally Plus distribution centers

In addition to having one of the highest payout plans, we offer special “pluses” not available anywhere else.

9 Bonus Opportunities Specially Designed for Success

01 Sponsor Bonus
02 Daily Cycle Bonus
03 Leadership Bonus
04 Frontier Bonus
05 Spirit Bonus
06 Upper Spirit Bonus
07 Grand Spirit Bonus
08 Start-up Bonus
09 Star Bonus

Among the nine bonuses, six allow qualifying distributors to share in a percentage of total global product sales; that’s more pool-type rewards than any other direct-selling company.

*To learn more about Compensation Plan, please download the brochure here.
Note: Adobe Reader is required to view pdf files. If not installed on your computer or mobile device, you can download it here.

If you have any questions about becoming a Naturally Plus distributor, please write to us at npgl@naturally-plus.com.hk. One of our representatives will reply as soon as possible.