Japanese Craftsmanship

Made in Japan

Manufactured in Japan, every Naturally Plus product is scientifically designed for a special purpose. They’re carefully conceived and developed by skillful artisans, each a masterpiece prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (craftsmanship) and “wa” (harmony): characteristics clearly reflected in the way that PARAMYLON ARX ingredients work harmoniously to support the digestive system and maintain overall health.

Unique Formula with Synergistic Effects

PARAMYLON ARX is a phenomenal combination of ingredients essential for maintaining digestive and overall body health. It is a perfectly balanced treasure trove of essential nutrients, paramylon, FLORA PEPTIDE™ and xylo-oligosaccharides. Not only are many of the body's essential nutrients contained in the 59 elements found in Euglena gracilis, the key ingredient Euglena gracilis EX45 is specifically tailor-made for Naturally Plus to deliver a rich supply of paramylon.

The gastrointestinal tract is the only passageway for nutrients to enter the body. However, most of the pathogens that enter the body do so through the intestines as well. It is there that microorganisms and good bacteria play a defensive role in working to prevent pathogens and viruses from entering.
Furthermore, as our diets evolve, we have come to consume more and more animal-derived proteins and fats. While these nutrients are essential to maintaining healthy bodies, excessive consumption leads to heightened risk of lifestyle-related diseases. As the intestines are the gateway for the entry of nutrients that form the building blocks of our body, it is important to pay attention to our digestive health.

*PARAMYLON ARX is limited to certain countries.

Japanese Craftsmanship