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Towards a New Dimension in Ageing Care※1.

A successful fusion of nature's superlative strength with modern scientific insight and technology could lead to a dramatic progress in the creation of cosmetics.

This philosophy is the driving power behind [AURAGE] product development.

Towards a New Dimension in Ageing Care※1.

To fulfill this ambition, [AURAGE] has applied nano technology to the Cat’s Claw Vine extract "AC-11"※2 together with a focus on "Progeline™"※3 - a component that was created based on our current understanding of the ageing mechanism.

We aim for an ageing care that reaches beyond the existing dimension by using new combinations of berries that have attained unrivaled capabilities by their own evolution.

3 Approaches to the Core of Beauty.

Approaches to the Core of Beauty -1
Delivering "AC-11"※2 deep into the epidermal layer using nano capsules.

The beneficial ingredient "AC-11"※2 that was extracted from the bark of Cat’s Claw Vine is delivered in tiny (1/1000000 of 1 mm) capsules made from nano-sized phospholipid.
The phospholipid that forms the capsule material is also one of the components that constitutes our body's living cells, such as the skin, and hence has high permeability※4 due to its compatibility with the skin, which helps it to work efficiently as it integrates well into the skin.

Cat’s Claw Vine

A woody vine that has been used by native inhabitants of the Amazon for over 2000 years. The Cat’s Claw Vine is named after the tendril at the base of its leaf, which possesses hooks that look like a cat's claws. A Swedish researcher, Dr. Ronald Pero, discovered the benefits of this plant from among the Amazon plants, which contains approximately 1/3 of all plant types on Earth, and it has been used in health foods and cosmetics since its introduction to the world. Putting the bark through hot water extraction and concentrating the result produces "AC-11"※2, which grants freshness and firmness for a dewy, smooth, and radiant skin.

Approaches to the Core of Beauty -2
Protecting from damage accumulation by "Progeline™"※3.

Countless researchers around the world have been working day after day to answer the question: "how do humans age?".
One thing that came out from these life science researches is "Progeline™”※3.
An ageing care ingredient that was created based on new information on how the onset of age causes※1 a loss in suppleness and what processes cause the onset of ageing signs.
This anticipated ageing care ingredient, which won a gold medal at the world's largest annual cosmetic ingredient exhibition "in-cosmetics" in 2012, is part of the [AURAGE] formula.

Approaches to the Core of Beauty -3
Omnidirectional ageing care※1 using "5-Type Berry Extract"※5.

A selection of berry types from among those growing in harsh environments such as the Arctic and mountainous areas, which benefits are recognized scientifically and chemically. A well balanced blend is formulated for effective ageing care※1 by utilizing the characteristic component possessed by each berry.