Q: Purificar BB tastes sour, so is it irritating to my stomach? Can I drink it when I am fast or hungry?

A: Purificar BB contains natural health ingredients, so it does not irritate your stomach, and you can drink it even when you are fast or hungry. However, when your stomach suffers acute inflammation or if your stomach is more sensitive, it is suggested that you drink it after meal or dilute it with 240cc of water.

Q: Can I take medicine with Purificar BB?

A: It is suggested that nutritional supplements be taken 0.5 to 1 hour before or after you take medicine to avoid any interference that affects your body.

Q: Do I suffer diarrhea after taking Purificar BB?

A: The product contains only health ingredients and no diarrhea medicine.

Q: Brown sugar is added to Purificar BB, so can diabetics drink it?

A: Brown sugar in Purificar BB is to make it more palatable. In addition, brown sugar contains various minerals and trace elements which are good for health. There is very tiny amount of sugar in each pack of Purificar BB, only 2.3 grams. Its formula contains five grams of dietary fiber, so it is excellent health food with high fiber and low glycemic index (GI). Diabetics and people who have to control weight can drink it without any worry.

Q: Purificar BB tastes sour and sweet. Is it high in calories?

A: There are only 24 kilocalories in each pack of Purificar BB. It is a concentrated beverage with low calories, so it does not cause any burden on people who have to control their weight.

Q: Can vegetarians drink Purificar BB?

A: In addition to CPP extracted from milk, Purificar BB does not contain other animal ingredients, so lacto-vegetarians can take it.

Q: Purificar BB contains CPP extracted from milk, so can people with lactose intolerance take it?

A: Purificar BB does not contain lactose, and it contains a variety of excellent soluble dietary fiber which helps increase the amount of excrement. People with lactose intolerance can take it to supplement calcium.