Achieving overall health and beauty from the inside out

Over the past 50 years, with the Westernisation of diet, we tend to consume more meat and other oily foods. In recent years, irregular lifestyle habits of eating late at night or eating out often are becoming a trend. Amongst common complaints such as “I am too busy to maintain a balanced diet” or “My morning routine gets messed up easily”, the new health food ingredient “euglena” is becoming a hot topic.

Naturally Plus focused its attention on paramylon, which is a constituent unique to euglena, for its functions that are similar to dietary fibre. Together with Euglena Co. Ltd, we have cultivated “white euglena” that contains more that 55% of paramylon.

From here on, it is simply not enough to increase our intake of healthy food; we are moving towards an era where removing unwanted substances from our body* is a way to maintain overall health. Let us aim to achieve overall “health” and “beauty” from the inside out with PARAMYLON ARX!

The white euglena is jointly developed with Euglena Co. Ltd!

The raw ingredient of PARAMYLON ARX is "white euglena" with higher paramylon concentration, which is developed in collaboration with Euglena Co. Ltd, the main drive behind the euglena boom. It is named "euglena gracilis EX55".

White euglena is the proof of high paramylon content!

As the newly developed euglena consists of more than 55% paramylon, it appears white under the microscope. This proves that the euglena containing high concentration of paramylon is of top quality.

White euglena helps remove unwanted substances* from inside the body!
A euglena supplement enhanced with increased paramylon

PARAMYLON ARX, which is formulated with "white euglena", a component that contains a high concentration of paramylon, supports modern people in acquiring health and beauty from the inside out.

*Refers to the management of unhealthy dietary habits.

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