Q: Can I consume Super Lutein together with tea or coffee?

A: There are currently no reports on chemical interaction between carotenoids, the major ingredient of Super Lutein, and caffeine. While Super Lutein may be consumed together with tea or coffee, it is recommended to consume it with cool or warm water.

Q: When should Super Lutein be consumed during the day?

A: It can be consumed at any time during the day. The daily recommended amount does not have to be taken at one time, and can be consumed at various times throughout the day if so desired.

Q: Will I gain weight when taking Super Lutein?

A: The total calorie count for the daily recommended amount of 3 capsules is 9.6kcal. This amount will not result in any weight gain problem even when taken regularly.

Q: I have food allergies. Is Super Lutein safe for me to consume?

A: Please do not consume SUPER LUTEIN if you are allergic to wheat, fish or gelatine, which are ingredients present in small quantities. The wheat germ used is crushed before the oil is extracted and refined; as such, the oil may contain a small amount of protein. Please be especially careful if you are allergic to wheat.

If you are worried about any allergy, please start by taking only 1 capsule per day and gradually increase the amount to the daily recommended usage of 3 capsules over a period of 1-2 weeks if no allergic reactions occur.

However, should you experience any allergy symptoms, please stop using the product immediately and consult your regular doctor.

Q: Where should I store SUPER LUTEIN?

A: As Super Lutein comes in softgel capsules, please avoid leaving it in cars or near electrical appliances that emit heat. Please also refrain from storing Super Lutein in the fridge, where it would become dehydrated. You are advised to store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The following conditions may cause the quality of the product to change:

High temperature → Capsules may become misshapen, possibly causing the contents to leak.
Dryness → Capsules may harden and become brittle.
Damp → Capsules may stick together.

Q: I am taking warfarin (an oral anticoagulant). Can I consume Super Lutein? Does Super Lutein contain vitamin K?

A: Super Lutein does not contain added vitamin K. However, 3 capsules of Super Lutein contain vitamin K in trace amounts of around 0.08μg, which are transferred entirely from the raw ingredients. Should you have concerns, please consult your regular doctor before consumption. There have been no reports of drug interaction (such as to result in decreased or increased effect) between carotenoids and Warfarin.

Q: Is it okay to consume Super Lutein when pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Yes, as long as the recommended daily amount of 3 capsules is not exceeded. There have been no reports of any effect on pregnancy due to the main ingredients of Super Lutein, or carotenoids. Also, β-carotene is found in breast milk. However, should you have concerns, please consult your regular doctor before consumption.

Q: I am undergoing dialysis and my doctor has ordered me to limit my intake of phosphor, potassium and sodium. Can I consume Super Lutein? How much phosphor, potassium and sodium does it contain?

A: Phosphor and potassium are found in Super Lutein in trace amounts and come from the raw ingredients. There is no added phosphor or potassium. As the amount is extremely small, the recommended daily intake of Super Lutein should not cause any problems. The sodium content per 3 capsules is 2.31mg. This quantity is also not expected to be problematic. Should you have concerns, please consult your regular doctor before consumption.

Q: Will my hands and feet turn yellowish if I consume Super Lutein?

A: As it contains carotenoids (particularly β-cryptoxanthin) that are present in vegetables and fruits, it is normal for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet to turn yellowish, similar to the reaction from eating too many oranges. It is a natural reaction and will not negatively affect your health in any way. If you are concerned, please reduce your daily dosage. Reducing daily dosage, or stopping altogether, will reverse said symptoms.

Q: Why does the colour vary from capsule to capsule?

A: Carotenoids, the main raw components of Super Lutein, are naturally derived ingredients. As such, the colour of the capsules may vary depending on their place of origin or time of harvest. This does not affect the quality of the product.