Flare with a new concept, "addition, subtraction, multiplication, division" ( + - × ÷ ).

With the focus on active ingredients and dietary fiber,
the "Purificar" has been renewed and is more attractive than before.
"Purificar FIRE" has been created to meet the desire to be beautiful and spend every day energetically.

The unique recipe is formulated from the combination of dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, enzymes and active ingredients derived from the new idea of "addition, subtraction, multiplication, division"

"Purificar FIRE" makes your everyday flare with all the beauty and activity you desire.

Received the Mondo Selection Highest Gold Award

"Purificar FIRE" was awarded the "GRAND GOLD QUALITY AWARD" for the fourth consecutive year from 2019 for its good quality and taste by Monde Selection, the International Quality Institute, based in Brussels, Belgium.

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