OLEMIO - Features



1, OLEMIO™ is the world’s first botanical hydrogenated beverage

After 10 years of persistent research and development, the world’s first botanical ingredient, OleaVita™, incorporated hydrogenated water has come into being. OLEMIO™ is a botanical beverage which uses only the finest natural water that is infused with hydrogen. Enhanced with natural flavour, the refreshingly sugar-free OLEMIO™ takes care of your well-being by helping you stay hydrated!

2, OLEMIO™ boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3ppm※1

OLEMIO™ now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of OLEMIO™ is now among the highest in the industry at 3.3ppm※1.

What is “hydrogen dissolution ratio”?
Hydrogen dissolution ratio refers to the concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water.

3, OLEMIO™ has reducing power.

Reduction and oxidation are two sides of the same coin. The redox potential of OLEMIO™ is negative, which means that OLEMIO™ has reducing power.

Oxidation and reduction

Iron rusts when it combines with oxygen and undergoes oxidation. Naturally-occurring iron ore is the result of oxidation that occurs when iron is exposed to air. At the iron mill, oxygen is separated from the iron ore to obtain iron, through a process called “reduction”.

The reducing power of hydrogen

Any given substance has the power to oxidise or reduce another substance. The measure of the power of a substance to oxidise or reduce is its redox potential.
The redox potential of OLEMIO™ is a negative value—it has reducing power.

※1 Average reading at point of filling.