Important Notice

This is a reminder and notice regarding the selling of Naturally Plus Products (on the internet or in public) for the purpose of the public and users of our products in Singapore.

Naturally Plus is a direct selling company. For more than a decade, we have developed and marketed science-based nutritional supplements and personal care products that meet high safety and quality standards. All products sold by Naturally Plus Singapore have been lawfully registered or complied with all applicable laws.

Naturally Plus Singapore has the sole right to import and distribute Naturally Plus products in Singapore. Our products are marketed and sold to Naturally Plus Singapore members who are under agreements with Naturally Plus Singapore. Amongst other things, members of Naturally Plus Singapore are required to market our products, in the manner described under the agreement, using lawful and ethical methods and authorised materials (i.e materials from us), and to reflect the actual and standardised prices set by Naturally Plus Singapore.

In the interest of the consumers of our products, we underscore that:

  • Naturally Plus Singapore will not be responsible for the safety of any of our products purchased from any unauthorised websites at cheaper prices (i.e not the same as our standardised pricing). Naturally Plus Singapore will be not give guarantee or assurance that they are tamper or defective free;
  • Products purchased from these unauthorised website and/or at cheaper prices without a valid sales order number from Naturally Plus Singapore or a registered member ID number are not qualified for Naturally Plus Singapore refund/exchange policy;
  • Save for the information and materials from our website, Naturally Plus shall not be liable and responsible for all other unauthorised marketing materials, of our products, and its contents.
  • Naturally Plus Singapore is not responsible for any violations in terms of the products by these errant and/or unauthorised operators or sellers.

Naturally Plus Singapore strongly recommends consumers to understand our products from our website and materials, and to buy our products directly from our Singapore salon or via our registered members who use fair business practices and authorised materials.

For any queries or verifications, please contact our Naturally Plus Singapore office at 6226-3353 or email us at

Naturally Plus Singapore Pte Limited