IZUMIO - Technology


The manufacturing process of hydrogen-rich IZUMIO employs membrane dissolution among other exemplars of cutting-edge technology.

Dissolving hydrogen in water with membrane dissolution technology

The IZUMIO manufacturing process employs a technology that makes use of a special membrane that is permeable by gases but not liquids. Through this membrane, air dissolved in water is removed from the water (through a process called “degassing” or “deaeration”), and subsequently hydrogen is dissolved in the water.

High hydrogen dissolution ratio maintained with aluminium film pouch and packaging method

IZUMIO is packaged in a four-layered aluminium pouch that offers high shielding protection. Research and testing have been carried out to ensure that the cap on the alumunium pouch is leak-proof even when IZUMIO pouches are laid upside down in their cartons, and that the high hydrogen dissolution ratio of the product can be maintained even for long periods of storage.

Health Supplement GMP-compliant, ISO22000-certified factory

The designated manufacturer for IZUMIO is located in the mountains of Kumamoto prefecture, where clean air and clear water abound. The factory employs state-of-the-art facilities and is Health Supplement GMP*-compliant and ISO22000†-certified. IZUMIO is manufactured in a clean and sanitary production environment.

* Health Supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to a standard that can be implemented on work processes and appropriate quality checks for the manufacture of quality products.

† ISO22000: An international standard of the food safety management system. A standard that comprises a mix of technological methods from the ISO management standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: a system used in the identification, assessment and management of important risk factors related to food safety) to ensure food safety in the manufacture, distribution and sale of food.

*IZUMIO is limited to certain countries.
*The Best Before duration of IZUMIO (including gifts) is 9 months to 1 year. Shipped products are not available for return.

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