"Super Revive" is a product engineered with a primary focus on "enhancing stem cell production and competitiveness within the body", thereby promoting longevity and well-being. The key ingredient, "HIF1STEM", represents a groundbreaking discovery stemming from the Japanese government's SATREPS project, spearheaded by the University of Tsukuba. Through exhaustive research spanning over 900 plant species, a particular species of olive leaves was identified for its remarkable ability to bolster stem cell production. Scientific evidence indicates that elevating the production of the "HIF-1" protein in the body facilitates stem cell production and activates red blood cells, consequently enhancing blood oxygen levels and ensuring a sustained supply of high-quality blood. Additionally, this innovation holds promise in addressing various hematologic diseases. Furthermore, it aids in improving the production capacity of epidermal stem cells, leading to enhanced skin health and combating aging effects. These findings are supported by over 300 published research papers.

The mechanism mirrors that of the "2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology: How Cells Adapt to Changes in Oxygen Availability”. The only way to temporarily elevate HIF-1, the protein of focus in the aforementioned Nobel Prize, is by consuming components found in a unique olive leaf extract sourced from North Africa. This extract, in turn, fosters the proliferation and competitiveness of stem cells within the body.

Recognising the inevitable decline of stem cells with age and their inability to sufficiently regenerate cells, the leader of the research project has shifted focus towards the development and production of high-value functional foods. To achieve this, they have partnered with Nutrition Act Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to research and development in manufacturing technology and applications. Together, they have introduced "HIF1STEM™", presented in food form. Through daily consumption, this innovative product aims to enhance the function of aging stem cells, providing revolutionary energy to bodily functions and promoting long, healthy lives.