3 benefits of consuming "PURIFICAR BB"

Beauty & Bright 1: Taking Dietary Fiber and Calcium at Once

The advantage for "PURIFICAR BB" is to consume dietary fiber and calcium in our everyday diet at once. Some may worry that dietary fiber can inhibit the absorption of calcium. But in fact, 96% of "PURIFICAR BB" is made up of "water-soluble dietary fiber" that works perfectly well with minerals such as calcium.

Beauty & Bright 2: Contain 5.3g of Water-Soluble Dietary Fiber "Indigestible Dextrin"

There are two types of dietary fiber, one exists in seaweeds and fruits which dissolves in water is called "water-soluble dietary fiber". The other exists in vegetables and beans is called "insoluble dietary fiber". "PURIFICAR BB" is a brand-new product with water-soluble dietary fiber can be absorbed through daily diet.

The water-soluble dietary fiber used for "PURIFICAR BB" is called "Indigestible Dextrin". Each pack of "PURIFICAR BB" contains 5.3g of "Indigestible Dextrin" produced from cornstarch. This "Indigestible Dextrin" is known for its common usage in healthy drinks during each meal.

~Water-Soluble Dietary Fiber Supports Our Body from the Inside~
Among all forms of dietary fibers, the water-soluble dietary fiber works seamlessly with the good bacteria in our body. Researchers use this characteristic in "PURIFICAR BB" to support our body health without damaging the living conditions of good bacteria.

Beauty & Bright 3: Calcium 192mg + CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide)

Calcium takes up the largest portion of our body minerals. 99% of the calcium can be found in our bones and teeth. The remaining 1% exists in our blood and body cells. When our blood is lack of calcium, calcium in bones will be called into action. This is why consuming sufficient calcium is essential.

CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide) is added to each pack of “PURIFICAR BB” which contents 192mg of calcium.

~What Is CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide)?~
This is an element produced from "casein" which is the protein commonly found in milk. This is widely-known for its compatibility with calcium or any other minerals