About Dietary Fiber and Calcium

Ordinary women lack "dietary fiber".

Dietary fiber is crucial for maintaining mental health.
Since having vegetable-oriented diet is challenging in urban lifestyles, women fail to consume enough dietary fiber through daily diet.
Naturally Plus aims to improve the nutrient quality in our meal. Oral supplements are the ultimate solution for any nutrient deficiencies.
"PURIFICAR BB" provides sufficient amount of dietary fiber for your day.

Ordinary women also lack of "calcium".

Calcium is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the diet.
Females experience the body changes in their 40s onwards. The body is less capable of retaining calcium. Therefore calcium oral supplements can help to solve this problem.
Calcium allows us to be energetic when we getting older.
Naturally Plus is especially focusing on calcium consumption.
With "PURIFICAR BB," we can absorb 192mg of calcium and dietary fiber.

Calcium is not only related to bone and teeth formation, it plays a role in maintaining vitality.

When we think about calcium, it is always related to bone formation. This statement is correct. Nearly 99% of the calcium in our body is stored in bones and teeth in order to support our body. The remaining 1% exists in our blood and muscles and is responsible for muscle contraction, heartbeat, blood pressure control and hormone secretion. Calcium is a vital and indispensable nutrient to us.

When calcium deficiency continues, it is extracted from the bones of our body.

Any form of calcium deficiency requires our attention since it is highly related to health. When there is a lack of calcium due to extreme diet or dietary disturbance, calcium will be extracted from our bones in order to maintain body chemical balance.
When this continues, we might experience osteoporosis.

A proactive intake of calcium during growth or menopause is highly recommended.

Ordinary people have been suffered from calcium deficiency for a long time. Calcium is crucial for adolescents as they started to increase their bone mass while it is equally essential for people in their 50s when bone mass started to decrease.
The bone mass of females in their 40s will decrease significantly. Calcium deficiency is one of the reasons why we break our bones more easily when we get older.
We tried to absorb enough calcium by drinking milk as we grew up. Taking calcium in our middle age is just as important as adolescents.