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Why consumers choose IZUMIO: Reason #1

With more than 300 million units1 sold since its launch in 2007, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust.

IZUMIO is among the bestselling product in the hydrogenated water market in Japan

There has been a growing awareness of hydrogenized water in the past few years. With the proliferation of hydrogenized water products, Naturally Plus hears the plight of would-be consumers who struggle to make a choice.
Hesitate no more. Naturally Plus is an industry pioneer—we have been dedicated to the development of IZUMIO even before the hydrogenised water boom. To achieve even greater customer satisfaction, we continuously find ways to improve our production method and packaging. In 2017, the cumulative shipping volume of IZUMIO exceeded 300 million units1, attesting to its worldwide popularity.


Why consumers choose IZUMIO: Reason #2

IZUMIO now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of IZUMIO is now among the highest in the industry at 3.3ppm2.

With patented manufacturing method, IZUMIO boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3ppm2

Until recently, IZUMIO hydrogenised water was stored temporarily in a filling tank before being filled into aluminium film pouches. But with the implementation of an improved method, by which hydrogenised water is packaged immediately under high pressure without first passing through the filling tank, even the slightest escape of hydrogen gas can be prevented. This new method has made it possible to raise IZUMIO’s hydrogen dissolution ratio even higher. (You are advised to consume IZUMIO as soon as possible after opening the product to minimise the escape of hydrogen gas.)

What is “hydrogen dissolution ratio”?

Hydrogen dissolution ratio refers to the concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water.

Patented Manufacturing Method

Why consumers choose IZUMIO: Reason #3

Reduction and oxidation are two sides of the same coin. The redox potential of IZUMIO is negative, which means that IZUMIO has reducing power.

Oxidation and reduction

Iron rusts when it combines with oxygen and undergoes oxidation. Naturally-occurring iron ore is the result of oxidation that occurs when iron is exposed to air. At the iron mill, oxygen is separated from the iron ore to obtain iron, through a process called “reduction”.

The reducing power of hydrogen

Any given substance has the power to oxidise or reduce another substance. The measure of the power of a substance to oxidise or reduce is its redox potential.
The redox potential of IZUMIO is a negative value—it has reducing power.

※1 As of August 2021.
※2 Average reading at point of filling.