PARAMYLON ARX, a supplement with increased amount of paramylon, is designed to help you get rid of daily unwanted substances* from inside the body

As paramylon is said to help remove unwanted substances from inside the body*, the higher the paramylon concentration inside the euglena, the more efficiently it can remove the unwanted substances*. While euglena is loaded with a variety of nutrients that is easily digested and absorbed; the euglena supplement by Naturally Plus is one that is enhanced with increased amount of paramylon.

Contains “white euglena”, an ingredient developed specially for this product!

Paramylon is an ingredient that appears to be white. The euglena used in PARAMYLON ARX contains such a high concentration of paramylon that it appears white under the microscope. That proves that the euglena used is top-grade euglena.

Formulated with euglena containing more than 55% paramylon!

Paramylon is contained within the euglena, and it is necessary to increase its proportion. However, there are other essential substances in order for euglena to live, therefore there was a limit to the amount that can be increased. The percentage obtained, which is more than 55%, is the maximum we can obtain from this living organism. At last, we have raised the percentage from 20% in 2010 to this point today. This is a value that tops the industry.

Developed in collaboration with Euglena Co. Ltd, the driving force behind the euglena boom

The official name of the euglena used in PARAMYLON ARX is “euglena gracilis EX55”. This product is the result of the combined efforts with Euglena Co. Ltd, the pioneer of euglena research and the driving force behind the euglena boom. Euglena Co. Ltd is also developing various kinds of euglena, such as nutrient-rich euglena and euglena that is suitable for the production of biofuel. Amongst them, there is a white euglena that is the pride and joy of Euglena Co. Ltd and it contains a high concentration of paramylon. Presently, only Naturally Plus has acquired the logo of assurance of “euglena gracilis EX55” for this white euglena, which was born from the partnership with Naturally Plus.

Incorporates 2 ingredients that are compatible with good intestinal bacteria!

~ FLORA PEPTIDE™, an ingredient unique to Naturally Plus~
FLORA PEPTIDE™, which is derived from milk protein, is compatible with good intestinal bacteria in the gut. It has a two-layered coating which makes it resistant to digestion by gastric acid. FLORA PEPTIDE™ is an ingredient unique to Naturally Plus.

~Xylo-oligosaccharides, an ingredient that maintains wellness~
Xylo-oligosaccharides support good bacteria, such as lactobacilli, in the intestines. Therefore, xylo-oligosaccharides are recommended for the maintenance of your wellness. Compared to other oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides are effective even in small amounts. Therefore, they are incorporated in this formula.

*Refers to the management of unhealthy dietary habits.