AND - Column


Enhance your glow and experience a new feeling of wellness.
Advanced beauty and health habits resulting in a brand new you.

Beauty, energy and vitality are elements that come from within you. Besides supplementing you with the essential nutrients, the AND gives you the extra boost, supporting you as you live each day with fulfilment and purpose. The inner care which brings about beauty and vitality. Delicious and refreshing, it is easy to incorporate this berry-flavoured beverage into your regular health and beauty regimen. With time, you will be able to feel the differences – renewed beauty and vitality that is not quite the same as before.

10 bottles of AND in a box for one month consumption

For those who are used to taking supplements daily, they might be at a loss of what to do because the AND comes in a box of 10 bottles. When formulating the AND, we asked ourselves, “To achieve both beauty and vitality needs, how often should the product be consumed in a month?”, and hence the story of AND begins. We have also considered packing one month’s worth of content in one big bottle, however, so as to realise the four-free (fat-free, caffeine-free, preservatives-free, free of artificial colouring), and to keep the content as fresh as possible, we have decided to deliver the content in 10 small bottles.

To supplement nutrients for “beauty” and “vitality”

For first-time users, it is recommended that you consume one bottle daily for 10 consecutive days. This will help to supplement nutrients that may have been lacking in “beauty” and “vitality”. After which, it is recommended that you consume the AND regularly for maintenance of overall wellness. With time, you will feel the differences – renewed beauty and vitality that is not quite the same as before.