AND - Features


Radiant beauty and vitality for a more dynamic life

The AND formula contains five types of berries which are said to help promote beautiful skin, as well as niacin1 and soy peptides that support vitality. Supporting your quests for achieving both beauty and vitality, the AND adds a healthy glow to your skin and gives you the energy that you need. It is a hybrid drink that fulfils both your health and beauty needs.

Exuding radiance like an overflowing fountain

True beauty is not only about the outer appearance.
It is also about revitalising your body and radiating beauty from within.

This drink encapsulates the wisdom of modern science and the beneficial ingredients from power plants,
giving your skin a boost; it is your daily dose of beauty supplement in a bottle.
Now you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and smile with confidence.

Revitalise and enjoy life the way you desire

There is no downhill in life.

There are always new heights to achieve and new challenges in life to conquer.
You will open up a whole new world and discover new dream if you can pursue life tirelessly with passion and an inquiring mind.

The desire to protect the important things in life, and to live life the way you want, is a new driving force.

AND gives you the vitality that you need, preparing you for the next door of opportunity that opens.

※1 Niacin is a nutrient that contributes to the maintenance of your skin. It is also known to help release energy (from proteins, fats and carbohydrates), reduce fatigue and contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.