LactoAir - Features

Lacto Air

Before a meet-up. As a daily habit.
"Orabarrier®", a patented ingredient Formulated with "Lactoferrin" and "Lactoperoxidase"!

Contains two types of "Lacto-" in a ratio close to that of human saliva

<Orabarrier®> is a combination of "lactoferrin" and "lactoperoxidase", two milk-derived ingredients with functionality proven by abundant evidence. Lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase are components initially found in human saliva.

With promoting good oral care in mind, we have combined these two ingredients in a ratio close to human saliva.

Delicious oral care supplement

Focusing on a pleasant "face-to-face" communication experience, this oral care supplement contains <Orabarrier®> and <Pycnogenol®>.
Simply pop the tablet in your mouth, and freshen your breath anytime, anywhere! It is a great-tasting oral care routine and helps you leave a favourable impression when engaging in face-to-face communication!

Top 3 Benefits of LactoAir!

① Quintessential for today's increasingly etiquette-conscious society!
② <Orabarrier®> is a well-documented ingredient also found in human saliva!
③ Simply dissolve the tasty orange-flavoured tablet in your mouth. A sustainable oral care routine for fresher breath!

※ Patent No. 4203120