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The Growing Awareness of Etiquette

Today, we live in a society where people of various ages, gender identities, preferences, and values play an active part. In this situation, it is necessary to be mindful of personal grooming to communicate smoothly with others; and observe good etiquette to make a positive impression. It is difficult for one to notice that they are not taking care of their grooming; it is also an aspect that is tricky for people around you to point out. Therefore, it is crucial to go above and beyond to pay attention to various elements and groom yourself daily.

LactoAir is an oral care supplement ideal for today's modern society.

It helps you make a great impression when having face-to-face conversations.

Reasons to Consume LactoAir Daily

① It is delicious
Etiquette care is something to be mindful of every day. We made sure that LactoAir appeals to your tastebuds so that you can continue taking it daily.
In fact, one of the ingredients, Pycnogenol®, has a unique bitter taste and flavour. Therefore, we have infused it with an orange flavour that is perfect for suppressing the bitter taste and have balanced the sweet and sour flavours to create a delightfully palatable supplement.

② It is light and portable
LactoAir comes in a compact aluminum pouch. It is so slim and lightweight that you can stylishly stash it in your bag all the time and bring it along anywhere. Even when an important visitor arrives unannounced, you do not have to panic as you can take LactoAir out of your bag and pop a tablet in your mouth easily. One of its characteristics is the irresistibly cute design that makes retrieving it from your bag fun.

③ Easy-to-eat tablets
LactoAir is an oral care supplement in tablet form. Its handy design makes it easy for anyone to suck on a tablet to freshen their breath anytime, anywhere, as each tablet only takes 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve fully. Make it a good habit to suck on a tablet before meeting someone, while waiting, or in between commutes, and you are bound to leave a good impression.