AURAGE - Cleansing Plus


Removes make-up and impurities for a clear skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

"Cleansing Plus", with its gentle cleansing power, is made from a blend of natural skincare oils used in spas for their treatment effect.
The smooth and rich oil dissolves and removes make-up and impurities that are trapped inside the pores, leaving behind the moisture retaining ingredient for a hydrating and refreshing feeling. As it is easily emulsified with water, it makes for a speedy face cleansing process. Effectively cleanses without leaving your skin feeling taut; delivers moisture for a skin that feels smooth, radiant and supple.

Main Ingredients

Lutein [Ingredient name: Xanthophyll (skincare ingredient)]

Found abundantly in green and yellow vegetables, lutein is a yellow pigment that is known as a natural light filtering ingredient. The lutein used in the "Cleansing Plus" formula is a Marigold flower extract that is manufactured by Kemin Industries, Inc. Having the same component as SUPER LUTEIN, this exceptional lutein is also used as a skincare ingredient. It is said to help soften the skin and protect it from external irritants.

Argan oil [Ingredient name: Argania spinosa kernel oil (skin conditioning ingredient)]

It is an extra virgin oil pressed from the seeds of argan trees that grow only in the arid southwestern region of Morocco. This precious oil, of which only 1 litre can be obtained per tree, is a beauty oil that is rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid. It is said to help moisturise the skin, protecting it from dryness.

Jojoba oil [Ingredient name: Simmondsia chinensi (Jojoba) seed oil (moisture retaining ingredient)]

An oil in liquid wax form that is extracted from the seeds of jojoba trees. With a composition close to that of human sebum and hence a good skin affinity, it creates a soft protective membrane as it permeates through the epidermal layer leading to supple skin. Aside from its high protective and moisture retaining effect, it also works to offset the sebum.

Olive squalene [Ingredient name: Squalane (moisturising ingredient)]

Making up only approximately 5% of olive oil is the valuable plant-based squalane. Olive squalane is lightweight and feels non-greasy; it is also easily absorbed1, an excellent hydrator and resistant to oxidation. It is said to help keep the skin feeling moisturised, supple and smooth.

※1 Up to the epidermal layer