AURAGE - UV Makeup Base Cream


Luxuriously moisturises while protecting against harsh UV rays. A total day-time protection from sun damage while taking care of your skin.

Armed with exceptional protective abilities against UVA rays, UV Makeup Base Cream (SPF 50+ PA+++) is formulated with 60%1 skincare components.
This functional cream spreads easily and blends like a dream, protecting the skin and leaving it feeling comfortably hydrated.
While keeping the skin luxuriously hydrated and caring for it like a rich moisturiser, UV Makeup Base Cream provides the skin with a protective barrier from harmful and strong UV rays, and at the same time nourishing the skin and helping it achieve suppleness and translucency.
A no-chemical, no-silicone formula, this product helps increase the staying power of your makeup.

To the forefront of defence against blue light.

Blue light is the visible light that can be found in sunlight.
However, what the field of cosmetic science is particularly concerned with, is the blue light emitted by the convenient tools that we use, and its effect on our skin.
Blue light is the light ray with the shortest wavelength amongst the "visible light" that can be seen by the human eye. It is said that blue light is one of the highest-energy wavelengths beside ultraviolet rays, and can cause irritation.
Although the intensity of the stimulation is lower than ultraviolet rays, the wavelength is longer than ultraviolet B rays, and even more so compared to ultraviolet A rays, so it goes deeper into the skin than ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, in order to ascertain if “UV Makeup Base Cream” provides high level of protection to defend our skin against the stimulation from blue light, AURAGE engaged a third-party agency to do some inspection. Please use this product as a makeup base and sunscreen to protect your skin against UV rays and blue light.

60% 1 of the beauty ingredients in AURAGE are ageing-care 2 components.

As there are more environmental aggressors during the daytime that might damage the skin, “UV Makeup Base Cream” is formulated with the functions of a skincare product, to give your skin the protection of a serum. Containing nanofied AC-113 and Progeline™4, AURAGE is formulated with 7 ageing care ingredients5, making up 60% of the formula including ingredients that help protect skin from damaging factors.

Main Ingredients

Thyme extract [Ingredient name: Thymus vulgaris (thyme) flower/leaf extract (skin conditioning ingredient)]

Extracted from the leaf and stem of thyme, it is a plant from the Lamiaceae family which is often used as herb in cooking. Rich in polyphenols such as tannin and flavonoid, it is said to have tightening effects on the skin.

Lipidure® [Ingredient name: Polyquaternium-51 (moisturising ingredient)]

An ingredient with good skin affinity developed based on “phospholipid’, a major component that form the membrane that make up the outer layer of human cells. Approximately 2000 molecules are chemically bonded, forming a hydrating veil with exceptional moisture retaining power.

Susabinori Extract [Ingredient name: Porphyra yezoensis extract (moisture retaining ingredient)]

The red algae from which the susabinori extract is obtained, is immersed in the sea water during high tide; when the tide comes in, the red algae rises above the water surface, exposed to UV rays and high concentration of salt. In order to protect itself in this harsh environment, it possesses a special polysaccharide component called porphyrin, which has high moisture retaining ability and protective effect, which is believed to help with the maintenance of healthy skin.

Source: Ministry of the Environment – Setouchi Net

Licorice extract [Ingredient: Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) leaf extract (ingredient for dewy skin)]

The extract of a plant of the Fabaceae family, the name licorice is derived from the Greek word for “sweet root”. This liquid extract is said to have various effects and has been used all around the world for over 4000 years. It is rich in substances that contain flavonoid.

※1 Thymus Vulgaris flower/leaf extract (skin conditioning ingredient), Polyquaternium-51 (moisture retaining ingredient), Porphyra Yezoensis extract (moisture retaining ingredient), etc./60% including moisture
※2 Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age
※3 Uncaria tomentosa extract (skin conditioning ingredient)
※4 Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 (firming ingredient)
※5 Skin conditioning ingredient nanofied AC-11 (Uncaria tomentosa), firming ingredient progeline™( Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2), skincare ingredient cloudberry (Rubus Chamaemorus fruit extract), Crowberry (Empetrum Nigrum fruit extract), Lingonberry (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea fruit extract), Blackberry (Rubus Fruticosus leaf extract), Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus leaf extract).