Q. Who would be recommended to use this product?

A. Although AURAGE is targeted for people in their 30’s, who are concerned with signs of ageing, it can be used by both men and women.

Q. Can this skincare series be used throughout the year, regardless of season?

The AURAGE skincare series can be used throughout the year, regardless of season. You can adjust the product amount used to suit the the season. For example, you can use the products in smaller amounts in summer for a refreshing feel. In winter, you can apply the products more generously for increased moisturisation.

Q. Which skin type(s) is the AURAGE series suitable for?

A. Products in the AURAGE series are suitable for all skin types. The quality of our skin changes depending on factors such as age, health, the living environment, the weather, and so on. Please adjust the amount of products used according to your current skin condition.

Q. Can men use AURAGE products too?

A. Yes, men can also use AURAGE products.

Q. As CLEANSING PLUS is a “make-up remover and cleanser”, does it require me to wash my face twice?

A. Basically, there is no need to wash your face twice as the product is designed to "remove make-up and cleanse" in just one wash. However, if you would like to use foamy face wash, there is no problem with washing your face twice. Using the complete series will enhance your experience of ageing-care※. We would recommend that you use all the products together.

※Ageing care refers to skin care appropriate to one’s age, while experience refers to the impression from use.

Q. Is it okay to use UV MAKEUP BASE CREAM only when I am outdoors?

A. UV rays can still enter through the windows even when you are at home. We would recommend that you use the product for UV protection even on days when you have no plans to go outside during daytime, when you're not wearing any make-up, etc.

Q. Is UV care necessary on rainy or cloudy days?

A. Although it depends on the weather, UV rays can reach us even whether it is cloudy or rainy. Therefore, UV care is necessary.

Q. Is it necessary to use the AURAGE UV MAKEUP BASE CREAM as part of the skincare routine at night?

A. As the AURAGE UV Makeup Base Cream blocks UV rays and serves as a make-up base, you need not apply it as part of your skincare routine at night.

Q. Can AURAGE products be used with products from other companies/brands?

A. There are no known problems when using AURAGE products together with other products. However, products from the same line are usually designed to complement one another so as to bring about the best results when used together. Therefore, it is recommended to use the whole AURAGE series together, while having a good understanding of its brand concept, as well as the functions and design of each product.

Q. Where are the berries from?

A. Amongst the five types of berries contained in the formula, the cloudberry, crowberry and lingonberry are mainly grown in Finland; while the blackberry is from France and bilberry is from Europe. However, the sources of the ingredients used may vary due to factors such as poor harvest and so on.

Q. Can I transfer the product to a separate container?

A. Please do not transfer the product to a separate container as this might lead to unexpected growth of bacteria in the product and causing deterioration of product quality.

Q. What is the shelf life of the contents?

A. Unopened, the products have a shelf life of 3 years. However, please do not store products in places with extremely high or low temperatures, or expose them to direct sunlight.
Once opened, please use up the products as soon as possible. The quality of cosmetics can only be maintained by storing and using them properly. Make sure to close the covers securely after use. Similarly, please do not store products in places with extremely high or low temperatures, or expose them to direct sunlight.

Q. Can I mix/blend GRACIOUS CREAM with UV MAKEUP BASE CREAM and use them together?

A. As all the products in the AURAGE skincare series are not designed to be used by mixing them together, please refrain from doing so.

Q. Can infants or young children use AURAGE products?

A. As the AURAGE skincare series is developed for those who are in their late 30s and above, it is not recommended for use by infants or young children.

Can I mix/blend Gracious Cream and UV Makeup Base Cream and use them together?

As all the products in the AURAGE skincare series are not designed to be used by mixing them together, please do not do so.

【 Before Using 】

  • For people with poor skin condition or have had experienced allergic reactions, as well as first-time users of our products, we recommend that you start with a simple patch test.
  • You may wish to apply a small amount of the product on an inconspicuous location, such as along the jawline.

【 If Skin Irritation Occurs 】

Please stop using the product immediately should skin irritation occur. Continued use of the product could aggravate the symptoms, please consult a dermatologist if you have any concerns.